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Weingut Faubel

Booth number: G069/13

About us

“The manor house, built in 1904, has an inimitable character of our winery.
Where perfectionism played a major role in the creation of the building back then, it still reflects our entire philosophy today.
Starting with the care of our winery through to the creation of our wines.”

Today, there cultivate 30 hectares of vineyards
70 % Riesling, Weisser Burgunder, Grauer Burgunder, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc 
30 % Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot


Weingut Faubel
Marktstr. 86
67487 Maikammer

Phone:  +49 6321 5048

Contact person:

Gerd und Louis Faubel
Phone: +49 632 15048

Products & Services

Still Wine

2022 ORT  Maikammer Riesling dry
2022 ORT  Maikammer Weisser Burgundy dry
2022 ORT  Maikammer Grauer Burgundy dry
2022 ORT  Maikammer Sauvignon Blanc dry
2022 ORT  Charlotte Rosè dry
2022 LAGE Maikammer Kapellenberg Weisser Burgundy dry
2022 LAGE Maikammer Kapellenberg Grauer Burgundy dry
2021 LAGE Maikammer Kapellenberg Chardonnay dry
2021 LAGE Maikammer Heiligenberg Blanc de Noir dry
2022 LAGE RESERVE Riesling dry
2022 LAGE Haardt Herrenletten Riesling dry
2022 LAGE Maikammer Kirchenstück Riesling dry
2022 LAGE Gimmeldingen Biengarten Riesling dry
2022 GROSSE LAGE KOSTBAR Weisser Burgunder dry
2022 GROSSE LAGE KOSTBAR Riesling dry
2020 GROSSE LAGE KOSTBAR Pinot Noir dry

2021 Maikammer Heiligenberg Blanc de Noir dry

The white-pressed Pinot Noir combines the berry aromas of the grape variety with the lightness of a white wine

2022 KOSTBAR White Burgundy dry

Elegant, opulent burgundy. Classically fermented in Tonnau, partly fermented with our own grape yeast and partly with Burgundy yeast.
The tonnaus were first, second and third occupancies.
The finest southern and yellow fruit aromas accompanied by the finest coconut aromas.

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