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Weingut Schloss Neuweier

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About us

VDP Weingut Schloss Neuweier: 500 Years of Winemaking Legacy DP Weingut Schloss Neuweier: 500 Years of Winemaking Legacy

Explore our estate along Badische Weinstraße, showcasing acclaimed Rieslings from VDP.GROSSEN LAGEN® MAUERBERG, GOLDENES LOCH, and VDP.ERSTEN LAGE® Schlossberg.

Our terroir, with arkosic sand soil, breathes life into celebrated Rieslings. Nestled at 200 to 400 meters, our vineyards enjoy warm Rhine valley updrafts during the day, caressed by cool Black Forest fall winds.

Robert Schätzle (D.N.O Bordeaux), shaped his role in introducing Claude Burguignon to German winemaking terroirs. This ignited his passion for Schloss Neuweier's unique terroir since 2012.

Robert Schätzle crafts wines in harmony with nature, resulting in structured, fresh wines with discernible mineral complexity. 


VDP Member Since: 1999 Vineyard Area: 15.00 ha with Riesling (80%), Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) (12%), 

The Goldenes Loch GG

Our Vinyards Schlossberg and Goldenes Loch


Weingut Schloss Neuweier
Mauerbergstr. 21
76534 Baden-Baden

Phone:  +49 7223 96670

Contact person:

Owner and winmaker
Phone: +49 7223 96670

Products & Services

VDP Weingut Schloss Neuweier , where 500 years of winemaking tradition come to life.
Our showcase features unique Rieslings, including
VDP.GROSSEN LAGEN® MAUERBERG and GOLDENES LOCH, along with VDP.ERSTEN LAGE® Schlossberg, each embodying outstanding terroir quality.

Covering a 15-hectare vineyard, our estate is predominantly planted with Riesling (80%) and Spätburgunder (12%). The terroir, defined by sandstone and arcose rich in feldspar and quartz, spans an altitude of 200 to 400 meters. This elevation provides optimal conditions for Riesling cultivation, benefiting from warm Rhine valley updrafts during the day and cool Black Forest fall winds in the evenings.

Guiding our winemaking is Robert Schätzle, a graduate of the University Victor Segalen in Bordeaux, seamlessly combining German precision and French finesse.

Explore our range, from the accessible VDP.GUTSWEIN Riesling to the exquisite VDP.ERSTEN LAGE® and VDP.GROSSEN LAGEN® wines.

Riesling Neuweierer Schlossberg VDP.Erste Lage

Riesling Neuweierer Goldenes Loch VDP.Grosses Gewächs

Riesling Neuweierer Goldenes Loch VDP.Grosses Gewächs

Riesling Neuweierer Mauerwein VDP. Grosses Gewächs

Riesling Neuweierer Mauerwein VDP.Grosses Gewächs

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