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Weingut Gustavshof

About us

Our wine philosophy is simple: pure terroir wines with the maximum of expression & elegance.

Committed to organic winemaking since 2004, embracing biodynamic viniculture has been a natural progression (Demeter since 2012). Our ultimate goal is to work in harmony with nature, fostering the ideal conditions for grape growth and flourishing based on healthy soils.

While celebrating 100 years of innovation in 2024, our ambition is to continue being a pioneer in modern and sustainable viniculture.

Our pride lies in Pinot Gris, Riesling and Pinot Noir. We are driven by our passion for crafting high-quality, enduring natural wines and our dedication to rare regional grape varieties. Moreover, we love to be innovative, proven by our increasing emphasis on robust grape varieties of exceptional quality.

In summary: Terroir wines in future sites. Curios?

Staying closely connected with our customers is a fundamental part of our ethos. We anticipate the opportunity to meet you in Paris. Thank you for visiting our booth!

Rike & our winemaker Andreas Roll, owner of "Weingut Gustavshof"

Biodynamic, organic, sustainable, vegan and low in histamin

Diverse, long flowering flora in our vineyards ...

... provide a habitat for many native wildlife species and insects

ZERO S red & white: unsulphured and low in histamnin

Elderberry Secco alcohol-free: made from natural, originally alcohol-free ingredients.

Sparkling wine: 0,75l and 1,5l Magnum

PT-NT Pétillant Naturel: Cabernet Cortis

Our winery, where we will be passionately celebrating our 100th anniversary this year.

Rike & our winemaker Andreas Roll, owner of "Weingut Gustavshof"


Weingut Gustavshof
Hauptstr. 53
55234 Gau-Heppenheim

Phone:  +49 6731 42545

Contact person:

Andreas Roll
owner & winemaker
Phone: +49 6731 42545

Markus Trapp
voice of the customer
Phone: +49 6731 42545

Products & Services

Biodynamic viticulture is a way of life that you can see in our vineyards and taste in our wines.

Experience our diversity:
Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, our flagships and strong foundation.
Rare regional varieties, our calling.
Maximum natural (MaxNat) wine collection, our passion.
Robust, resistant varieties (Piwis), such as Cabernet Cortis and Johanniter, our responsibility and future, setting new quality accents in flavour.

Non-alcoholic: created from natural, originally alcohol-free ingredients.

Customer-centric: staying closely connected with our customers is a fundamental part of our ethos.


The Gustavshof PUR is our natural Riesling from the Leckerberg. The vines grow on heavy, calcareous and poor tertiary marl soils and drive their roots a little deeper into the complex soil every year to enrich themselves with its minerality. Thanks to biodynamics and the low number of grapes per vine, the grapes here achieve perfect ripeness and a unique character.

Nuances of ripe apples and figs. Pronounced minerality and a very own Riesling characteristics.


CRUSH NAT is probably the most pleasant and lasting introduction to the topic of natural wine. It's not about being loudly rebellious in the glass. No, the rebellion here takes place in the vineyard. Wild vines, cultivated more along the lines of nature, deliver unconventionally small but super delicious biodynamic grapes, which are allowed to turn into wine quite naturally. The wine remains unfiltered and unsulphurised.

Fine, multi-layered aromas, with yellow fruits such as apricot and pear.


Puristica grows in warm vineyard soils in the Leckerberg. The high limestone content emphasises the varietal character of Pinot Noir. The dark ruby-red reflections give an insight into the high ripeness of the grapes at the time of harvest.

Fine nuances of wild berries. Ripe and tasty tannins and the classic elegance of the grape variety.

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