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Neverland Vineyards

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About us

Neverland draws its energy from the visionary approach of brothers Sebastian and Marcel Class, expressing their desire for maximum degrees of freedom in cultivating organic vines sustainably while bringing adventures to the palate.

Inspired by the free spirit of Peter Pan, we carefully grow remarkable, precise wines with a twist.

Emerging from a wine-growing tradition that is over 11 generations old, we deliver new ideas to old world terroirs of our home region that is all about limestone. Certified organic since 2013, our single grape wines and cuvées deliver enjoyment when savoured on their own and when paired with food, and are loved by Michelin-starred chefs across Germany and beyond.

From terroir to glass, Neverland holds a story in every sip.

Neverland Vineyards in Vendersheim, Rheinhessen.

Brothers Marcel and Sebastian Class.

A selection of our organic wines and cuvées.

Sunset over Neverland Vineyards.

Vendersheim, nestled on the ancient banks of the river Rhine.

All of our grapes are hand harvested with love and care.

All of our grapes are hand harvested with love and care.

Our vineyards are shaped by the high limestone content of the land.

The fruits of our labour.


Neverland Vineyards
Ausserhalb 2
55578 Vendersheim

Phone:  +49 6732 2775758

Contact person:

Sebastian Class
Phone: +49 6732 2775758

Rossella Enrica Frigerio
Marketing & Press

Products & Services

For us, grapes are more than just about taste. They are letters in their language, their homeland. The understanding of this language exists beyond a mother tongue and nationality. It is a language of harmony, tension, terroir and elegance. This is how our wines are understood not only in Mainz and Berlin, but also in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Seattle.

Our vineyards are certified organic, and the principles of biodynamic viticulture are also applied in order to work with - and not against - nature in the best possible way. The grapes are gently and selectively harvested by hand, then pressed in the press house and fermented spontaneously with their own yeasts, which occur in the vineyard and cellar climate. Before bottling, the young wines clarify naturally: through time. All actions are based on the principle: as little as possible but as much as necessary.

With this philosophy, we vinify lively wines that carry the microclimate of their location and the year of their harvest.

Riesling Estate 2022 organic

Meet one of our sharpest signatures. A clear-cut Riesling grown on one of the highest limestone concentrations in Rheinhessen. With hints of peach, lemon, almost a berry twist and a good grip derived from its minerality this wine reflects its micro-climate par-excellence.

2022 Riesling Estate

GOT Good Old Times 2021 organic

Our debut wine draws new energy from a vine treasure that was thought lost by uniting forgotten grapes in an expressive constellation. It is our homage to five archetypal strains, which make a brilliant comeback with this white blend. This is how an intensive flirt between the fruitiness of Sauvignon Blanc, Huxel and Scheu with the voluminous spice of the Bacchus vine comes into the glass. The pleasurable liaison unfolds an impressive dynamic on the palate with the love arrows of Traminer.

GOT Good Old Times 2020 by Neverland Vineyards

Neverland Blanc 2019 organic

Hardly any other grape variety knows how to reproduce the type of its micro-climate and vinification as charmingly and precisely as Chardonnay. The grapes of this vintage were selectively harvested by hand and aged in four different oak types of 225L barriques after pressing. What is most fascinating about this wine is its evolution once opened. Air, warmth and a decent glass create images on the taste buds that make you forget everything.

Neverland Blanc 2019 by Neverland Vineyards

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